The Joy of Juni

by DanWolgemuth on March 16, 2018

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It was two and a half years ago that Eunice Cargo moved into Peakview Assisted Living. She’s been a beautiful part of this community. She knows the names of the residents and she smiles and greets them, often without reciprocation.

Enter, Juni.

Juni is our 15-month-old granddaughter, and Eunice’s great-granddaughter. On Monday morning, Juni and Alli (our daughter and Juni’s mom) arrived at Peakview for lunch. Juni’s shy smile and winsome joy were more infectious than the flu. Without an intelligible word, Juni commanded the attention of the room. All eyes shifted. Residents provided play by play descriptions of all that Juni ate and did.

This was the ultimate in geriatric show and tell. Juni had done it. She changed the climate in the dining room. She raised the level of cultural enthusiasm without a paintbrush or fresh carpeting. She had escalated the level of culinary satisfaction without altering anything on the menu. A child can do that. A child did that.

Anna, a prophetess, was in the Temple. She was very old. Her husband died when they had been married only seven years. Then she lived as a widow to the age of eighty-four. She never left the Temple but stayed there day and night, worshiping God with fasting and prayer. She came along just as Simeon was talking with Mary and Joseph, and she began praising God. She talked about the child to everyone who had been waiting expectantly for God to rescue Jerusalem.

Enter Anna. An 84-year-old widow who never left the temple. But one day, a child came to her. Hope entered the temple. And Anna knew that something transformational was about to happen. And so she told everyone. She simply couldn’t help herself. Jesus had arrived.

An elderly widow and an infant from Bethlehem. Humble meeting humble. An endorsement for the ages. God often confirms His majesty through the lives of the overlooked. He amplifies the voice of those who can barely whisper.

In Eunice I caught a glimpse of Anna. Unfettered joy. Unconstrained love.

And in Juni I catch a fleeting glimpse at what a child can do…

Vulnerable, but ever so powerful.

Tiny but large.

Speechless but a master communicator.

A child. Life. Hope.

Juni at Peakview gives us a fractional view of Jesus in Jerusalem.

Anna. A heart that exploded with hope. A witness to the salvation of the world.

And indeed, He was and He is. To the delight of every expectant heart.


The Commemorative Issue

by DanWolgemuth on March 9, 2018

America’s Preacher (Time Magazine – Billy Graham Commemorative Issue)

Remembering America’s Man of God (Newsweek – Billy Graham Commemorative Issue)

The accolades flowed like Colorado streams after a spring thaw. From print to video. From spoken word to lyrics sung.

Pastor to the Presidents.

Evangelist to the world.

But the word that surfaced over and over again is in fact that magnet that drew generations to the messages proclaimed from the lips of Billy Graham… that word, humility.

Not simply humble, for often “humble” is simply an entrance ramp to fame and arrogance.

In fact, Billy Graham didn’t simply come from humble beginnings, he made sure we all knew that he ended in humble dependence. This was God’s work, not his.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30, ESV)

Humility is what kept Billy Graham on his knees, and his knees are what kept Billy Graham humble.

Under one more canvas covering, this unprecedented funeral commenced. A plywood casket provided a fitting metaphor for a man who wanted nothing more than to deflect praise to His King. A man who wanted his singular boast to be about a rugged wooden cross. In fact, “the cross” was the only entry on his storied resume.

The Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina was an intersection… not for dignitaries and celebrities, but for one more transcendent crusade for Christ. Hundreds of cameras clicked and rolled… while the eternal words of grace and hope and redemption filled the chilly March air.

Millions watched. Millions heard.

Billy Graham stories flowed… but, like Teflon, they didn’t stick to the North Carolina farm boy. They landed squarely and undeniably on the Savior that Billy worshiped and adored. Humility does that.

Humility submits the unprecedented successes of life to the reputation of a Jewish carpenter. Humility shifts the spotlight from unmatched global crowds to an unmarked empty tomb.

Humility squeezes the most out of every opportunity to make much of Jesus the Christ, even though the bold print says Billy Graham.

Inside a large tent in Charlotte, the wind howled. And as it did, it provided a fitting commissioning to all who attended, both in person and those who participated remotely. The Spirit of God is moving. The message of Christ is active. The Word of God is powerful. In fact… uncontainable.

Increase. Decrease.

A front row seat to the work of God does that.

A spotlight where it rightly belongs. On Jesus. The Christ.

Thank you, Billy.


From a Tent in Charlotte… Celebrating Billy

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